1. Wisatawan dari Belanda A

I really like how people close the nature, farm, and they have cows, chicken near the house. I think it’s nice, so you can see far away the rice field. And I think it’s very special that the cemetery at the top, they’re closed to heaven. So I like the idea. And I think this is beautiful because this place with the ceremony, and you can go down with the stair, see the rice field behind us, people making the music. I haven’t been everywhere and so far I really like, it’s really nice around a little bit, for example I just now like a bamboo and make a sounds with a wind although you can see in this village. I think that’s really nice. It’s really different with my country.

2. Wisatawan dari Perancis A & B

It’s very quit, beautiful and the people always smiling. In France not. A lot of children, because in France in the village is more old people. And a lot of people live outside here. It’s different in France. So, if you walked in the village the people smile and very closed. It’s great. In France, we can’t see the people. And it’s more quiet than Jogja, and it’s good for us because the town really a lot of motor, so it’s okay in here. It’s already beautiful. I hope the village can be stay like this and the community/people are help together. And what we can hope are continuous because it’s beautiful and the best way to life.

3. Wisatawan dari Perancis C

It’s a beautiful view, the people have a big passion , not discouraged even the place is like this. I hope it’s getting better for the future.


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